Our Company

Queensland Bulk Terminals (QBT) is one of Australia’s state-of-the-art and most efficient export terminals following a major redevelopment recently.

QBT is a bulk storage and handling facility with the capacity to sample, test, receive, store, pack and ship a range of grains and liquids. These include, but are not limited to wheat, sorghum, maize, pulses, tallow, edible oils and propylene glycol (industrial).

The QBT facility has over 85,000 metric tons of bulk grain storage, over 10,000 metric tons of bulk liquid storage, two all-weather grain receiving stations, a container packing facility and a ship loader.

Since commencing operations in May 2011, QBT has shipped to over 20 countries and regions servicing Asia, the Pacific, South Africa and the Subcontinent.

QBT is wholly owned subsidiary of Wilmar Trading (Australia) Pty Ltd (previously Wilmar Gavilon Pty Ltd), Wilmar Gavilon purchased QBT in 2009 to further cement its supply chain networks and have greater autonomy over the distribution of its feed ingredients, oils and fats.

Today Wilmar Trading (Australia) is part of a sophisticated vertically integrated supply chain with approximately 1.8 million tons of commodities traded or handled annually.

Key activities include:

  • commodity merchandising
  • procurement for internal consumption
  • import and distribution of edible oils
  • import and distribution of bulk feed
  • bulk handling facility for grain