Shipping berth

over 800,000 mt pa capacity


QBT’s private berth has the capability to load bulk grain and bulk liquid vessels, with an annual export capacity in excess of 800,000 metric tons.

Berth Details

  • LOA (length overall) - 243m
  • berth length - 160m
  • berth length dolphin to dolphin – 270m
  • QBT draft - 9.9m LAT
  • air draft:
    • maximum arrival air draft – 15m LAT
    • maximum trimming air draft – 9.6m LAT
    • vessel to notify QBT prior to arrival if arrival air draft is greater than 10.9m.
  • tidal dependant – yes: for larger tonnage
  • name of loading terminal – Queensland Bulk Terminals (QBT)
  • number of loaders – 1
  • loading on sundays / holidays? – yes: subject to labour availability and at customer’s cost
  • loading hours – 24hr operation

Bulk Grain

Approximately 700,000 metric tons of bulk grain is loaded for export each year. Bulk grain is loaded at a rate of up to 1,000 mt/hr, with 24 hour operation during shipping.

All product loaded onto vessels is weighed using registered and calibrated shore scales and is inspected by DAFF officers before departure.

Bulk Liquids

More than 80,000 metric tons of bulk liquids are loaded for export each year, comprising predominantly tallow.

The facility has two dedicated shipping lines capable of loading at an average rate of more than 400 mt per hour.

Container Packing

QBT has the capacity to pack up to 8 containers/hour making it one of country’s most efficient grain packers. Along with our close proximity to the Port of Brisbane, QBT can pack and deliver over 1000 metric tons of containerised grain per day. The container packing facility has eight silos, each of 650 metric ton capacity, offering flexible segregation options and independent fumigation capacity. QBT’s facility offers quality testing, sampling and certified weigh scales.

Stringent export standards approved by DAFF are adhered to at all times.

Shipping Services

Shipping services include (but are not limited to):

  • monitoring quality of shipped product
  • weighing
  • outward elevation to vessels
  • outloading onto road transport
  • the recording of relevant information
  • domestic outloading onto road transport, inventory management & reporting
  • liason with all export parties including but not limited to shipping agencies and DAFF
  • assistance with export documentation
  • logistic management